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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

CENATE: A Computing Proving Ground

To maximize the impact of next-generation, extreme-scale supercomputers working to solve the nation’s most challenging scientific problems, the Center for Advanced Technology Evaluation, known as CENATE, offers integrated evaluation of early technologies will predict their potential, guide designs, and hone future technology, systems, and applications—all within a first-of-its-kind computing proving ground.

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CENATE’s Core Capabilities

Evaluation - A diverse toolkit to assess system technology strengths/ weaknesses and gauge potential on various applications and workflows compared against the state of the art.
Instrumentation - Accurate, high-resolution instruments that measure performance, power, reliability, and thermal effects—from device to system level.
Modeling and Simulation - Integrated power and performance modeling and simulation methods to evaluate current and future systems and applications of interest to DOE.
Testbeds - Testbeds of future HPC technologies that enable and accelerate computational science at various levels of technology maturation and integration.
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