CENATE assesses early- and pre-release technologies to accelerate development of future U.S. Department of Energy supercomputers

CENATE examines the technology landscape by targeting technologies at different maturity levels along a time horizon from very early novel concepts to pre- and early-release systems. In addition, CENATE spans the subsystem space to enable the exploration of novel developments in processing, memory, networking, and input/output and storage technologies. Among its resources, CENATE's research capabilities include:

Testbeds: Targeting novel technologies that are key building blocks of future HPC system architectures, such as processors, accelerators, memory, storage, and/or software stacks.

Instrumentation and Evaluation: Collecting different dimensions of performance, power, temperature, and/or resilience data to assess a system's overall capabilities and conduct workload characterization, including microbenchmarks, applications, and workflows.

Predictive Analysis: Predictive tools and methods to evaluate discrete technologies with the expertise to assess the impact of their integration into complete system architectures.

CENATE facilitates collaborative access, including via remote-access mechanisms, to its technology within the HPC community.

Available Resources


NVIDIA Pascal: GPU architecture designed for Machine Learning workloads.
NVIDIA Volta: Integrating Tensor Cores with GPU architecture targeting Deep Learning.


PowerInsight + Thermal: Component-level power and energy instrumentation of commodity hardware.


IBM ConTutto: Non-volatile RAM featuring spin torque transfer magnetic memory with memory controller logic, implemented in an FPGA.
3D Stacked Memory: Ultra-high bandwidth dynamic RAM that uses less energy per bit.


Data Vortex: High-probability, congestion-free networks for fine-grained communications.
NVLinkTM: High-bandwidth, energy-efficient interconnect for ultra-fast communication between GPUs and CPU to GPU.
Optical Circuit Switch: Optical Networking technology that enables rapid system reconfiguration.


DGX-1 + Volta: Eight-socket Volta with stacked memory and NVLink 2.0.
SeaPearl: Scalability cluster with integrated high-fidelity thermal/power measurement.
BlueSky: Computing instrument with performance/power data capture and analysis capability.